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Simply Sapphire

Simply Sapphire

To celebrate the excitement of releasing new products, we thought we would share more about the stones that make these pieces so precious. What better way to start than with sharing a little bit about Sapphires, the stone for September!

Sapphires are the second hardest precious stone next to Diamonds. Sapphires come in various colors, from grayish blue, pink, purple, orange, white and black, but the deep blue hue is maybe the most popular. Each Sapphire stone has its own market that pertains to its color range.


Since Sapphires are second hardest precious stone, that means it can be worn any time, any day and will last. Caring for your Sapphire rings are easy as can be, simply use warm water and gently scrub. 



Sapphire is represented as the stone of wisdom, royalty and is often associated with sacred things. The lush blue hue signifies faith and good fortune. Sapphires can even ease and calm the mind. During the Middle Ages, Sapphires were believed to protect those close to you from harm. Sapphire is also a relative of July's birthstone, Ruby, and both stones are a form of the mineral corundum.


Accent Ruby and Sapphire Sterling Silver Rings

Are you a September baby? If so, what is your favorite color and way to style Sapphire? Stay tuned for more gemstone products from Little Sky Stone by following our website, Facebook and Instagram pages! 

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