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Little Sky Stone at The Shops at Worthington Place

Little Sky Stone at The Shops at Worthington Place

Whenever there is a chance to expand or try something new, we are very open to it. Since the beginning of creating Little Sky Stone in 2015, we have taken steps to grow as a brand and to grow in the community. Being a company based out of Ohio, shopping and supporting local means everything to us. After much time, consideration and a leap of faith, Little Sky Stone has opened a co-op shop, Live.Dream.Create., with three additional businesses within The Shops at Worthington Place. Little Sky Stone is excited to share a brick-and-mortar store with Live.Dream.Create., Doki Doki Chocolate and Michael Lea Art.

For the past few years, Worthington Mall has dealt with slow traffic, ultimately affecting stores and other business located within the shopping center. Due to competition with other shopping centers in the area and changes in leadership, Worthington Place had been struggling. With new management, fresh ideas had come out of the woodwork. Seeing the success of shops and art galleries located in Short North, Worthington Place decided to host a local craft show.

The idea of our shop all started after the Maker Takeover event this past August. The Maker Takeover took place in Worthington Place where over 50 local vendors sold handmade products. After the event, management realized that supporting local made the mall and shopping experience more unique. With that, about eight vendors decided to stay to help the mall drive more traffic. In the Live.Dream.Create. shop, we feature over 60 local artists and their work, which varies from jewelry, clothing, decor and beauty products!


Our co-op store will be open throughout the holidays and until the end of the year. We’re looking forward to the coming months, as well as being able to present more products to our local customers. On top of all of that, this opportunity helps us share the value of our pieces and Little Sky Stone as a whole, and even helping us achieve our future vision of eventually opening our very own brick-and-mortar storefront.


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