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Our Story

Born and raised in a city that's rich in gemstone mines, Liang was always obsessed with gemstones, for their significant metaphysical properties.  The name, Little Sky Stone, comes from Liang's favorite gemstone, turquoise, also known as ' stones fallen from the sky '. In Chinese mythology, turquoise was once used by the mother goddess Nüwa to patch the broken sky. 

In 2016, Liang started this journey with his best friend Chao in Columbus Ohio. Our first designs were turquoise rings, but we quickly decided to expand our collection to an array of gemstones. 

Why do we choose to start a jewelry brand? 

Stories can be told in many forms - jewelry is one of them.  Just like earth stones, a piece of jewelry has a particular aura that does not fade; it is with it that we mark the milestones of our lives - engagement, marriage, friendships, parenthood, birthdays, travels, traditions, and love. 

Rather than creating mass-market, fad-driven products, we design our products to have distinct and timeless flair.  Each gemstone piece is one-of-a-kind, just like you - real, smart, and mindful. We want every individual who owns one to be able to wear them during any occasion and feel unique every single time.

At Little Sky Stone, we believe in celebrating you, and the uniqueness of your narrative. It is our mission to recognize that everyone has a beautiful and unique story to tell, share, and preserve.

— Liang & Chao