We started Little Sky Stone out of a love for earth stones, but soon found out that we had a passion for all gemstones. When you love what you do, it comes through in the products you have to offer. Our passion is creating gemstone jewelry for your everyday style. Today, our passion has resulted in crafting gemstone jewelry in Columbus, Ohio. We are committed to creating jewelry that is ethically sourced from small-scale gem mines that are respectful of culture and its artisans.

At Little Sky Stone, we take a minimalist approach to our jewelry design and believe that less is more. We design pieces that highlight the gemstone, making it the star of the piece. Each gemstone is unique, just like you. Our mindful, understated, yet eye-catching jewelry adds a touch of luxe to your everyday look. To make pieces affordable, we cut out the middleman. You can buy directly from Little Sky Stone to avoid the markups of traditional sale options. We hope you enjoy browsing Little Sky Stone and finding the perfect artisan gemstone jewelry in Ohio you will love.