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Our Team Behind Little Sky Stone

Our Team Behind Little Sky Stone

As Little Sky Stone's constantly changing and growing, we realized we needed to expand the team with young and creative individuals who would bring our brand to life. We had a chance to chat with two of our team members, Jamie and Kathryn, about their area of expertise and what makes working with Little Sky Stone so special.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do with Little Sky Stone!
Jamie Benjamin: I'm Jamie and I am the Visual Marketing Intern, where I take all of the photos for social media and now the website, which is really exciting. I am a third year student at Ohio State University studying Strategic Communications.
Kathryn Reaven: I'm Kathryn and I am the Content Strategist for Little Sky Stone, which basically means I overlook all social media platforms and strategize how to implement the content. I work anywhere with writing captions on our social media accounts, product descriptions on the site, creating the newsletter and PR outreach. I graduated in May 2016 from Kent State University with my Bachelor's in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Marketing.
What attracts you to Little Sky Stone and what made you decide to work with them?
JB: I am half Chinese and love that Little Sky Stone is a way to make me feel more connected to my culture, while also letting me get better at my craft of photography.
KR: I had interned for a PR firm in NYC and was placed in their jewelry department, which I think is where my interest in jewelry started. I really loved how such a small accent really brought a look to life. I always have been drawn to gemstones and local companies, especially those who have a strong cause, so that is what really made me want to be involved in the growth of Little Sky Stone.
What is your favorite part about working with Little Sky Stone?
JB: My favorite part would probably have to be getting to see behind the scenes of a small company that's growing and how much work is put in to make sure everything is efficient as possible. Also, working most closely with Liang, it's really neat to realize how passionate he is about the company.
KR: I think my favorite part is getting to watch the brand grow. For only being with Little Sky Stone a little over a year, the growth I’ve witnessed is amazing. I really also love being able to use my experience within the industry and making it count. It’s really fun to see how Liang, Chao and I bounce off ideas on how to execute a post or newsletter.
What is your favorite Little Sky Stone piece?
JB: While not at first super interested in the gemstones, getting to style them and work with so many types, the soon-to-be-released largest size gemstones with the simple band have quickly grown to be my favorite. The coloring of the sky blue gem is so unique and beautiful. 
KR: Growing up, I always loved the look of gemstones, and as my style has changed, I've really been drawn to minimalist pieces. Their new gemstone selections that will be out soon are really wonderful. Little Sky Stone will be releasing a style that is a slender silver band with a dainty sapphire stone on top, which I think is my favorite. I currently have the Minimalist Triangle band and wear it with everything, same with the yellow Cat's Eye Stud Earrings.
Jamie wearing selections from our Love Silver collection
Kathryn wearing our Minimalist Triangle silver band
Kathryn wearing our Inspiration Cat's Eye stud earrings
How does your day-to-day role influence the way your style your look?
JB: I have a very minimalist style, so I like wearing one piece of jewelry, for instance a gemstone, and letting it be bold enough to spice up an neutral colored outfit, but also blend in and seem like everyday wear. 
KR:  When it comes to my day-to-day look, I usually keep the same pieces in rotation-- usually an amber stone ring from my grandmother and the Minimalist Triangle ring. I have a blue opal ring that I tend wear in the cooler months. I'll occasionally wear large statement pieces, but I stick to smaller pieces so they act like an eye-catching accent. 
To see more of Jamie and Kathryn's work with Little Sky Stone in action, be sure to visit our website, follow our Facebook, Instagram and sign up for our newsletter! 
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