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July Birthstone Jewelry

Ruby as July Birthstone jewelry shines a profound & attractive red hue. July's ruby symbolizes wisdom & wealth. This striking gemstone adds a bold splash of color, making any piece instantly stand out.

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July Birthstone Necklace
July Birthstone Silver Necklace
Ruby Baguette Studs
Iris Ruby Hoops
Rachel Ruby Earrings
Ruby Silver Charm
Ruby Necklace Charm

Frequently Asked Questions - July Birthstone Jewelry

What makes Ruby as July birthstone special?

Ruby birthstone is valued for its deep red color, which signifies love, passion, and energy. Being July’s birthstone, this stone is believed to have an attribute of a protective amulet and a symbol of wealth.

What is the significance of ruby as a birthstone?

Ruby is the official birthstone for July, symbolizing love, loyalty and strength. This gemstone is believed to be lucky charm and help in building up strong relationships between two people.

Why is ruby birthstone jewelry a meaningful gift?

Ruby birthstone jewelry is perfect as a gift because of its association with love and commitment, which are qualities every woman would appreciate. It can be expressed as a birthday gift, an anniversary, or any special occasion and is a clear sign of love and respect.

What occasions are suitable for gifting ruby birthstone jewelry?

It is a perfect gift for July born individuals as well as for special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or achievements. It is widely popular due to its bright and attractive color and timeless vintage appeal as a piece of jewelry.

Why is the ruby called the king of gems?

The ruby is also known as the king of gems because of the scarcity, hardness, and brilliance that is associated with this precious stone. It has been associated with power, wealth, and passion due to its bright red color that has seen it be among the most popular gemstones in the history of humanity.