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Custom Charms

Personalized charms & pendants for jewelry, including birthstones, initials and more in gold and silver.

Step 1: Pick a base. Start with your favorite chain or hoops.
Step 2: Add the charms that speak to you!

Cable Chain Necklace
Cable Silver Chain Necklace
Sphere Necklace
Sphere Silver Necklace
Thin Figaro Necklace
Tiny Hoops
Mama Necklace Charm
MOP Heart Necklace Charm
Baby Feet Charm Pendant For Mom | Little Sky Stone
Baby Feet Necklace Charm
Garnet Necklace Charm
Garnet Silver Charm
Amethyst Necklace Charm
Amethyst Silver Charm
Aquamarine Necklace Charm
Aquamarine Silver Charm
Evil Eye Opal Necklace Charm
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Dive into the enchanting world of charms for women, where each piece holds a story or a special significance. Our collection features an array of charms, including vibrant birthstones, elegant initial charms, and various symbolic designs. Whether you're celebrating a new mom, seeking the perfect birthday gift, planning a wedding token, or looking for a sentimental piece for a significant other, these charms offer a personalized touch that's both meaningful and stylish.

What Charms for Women are Trendy?

Currently, birthstone and initial charms are capturing hearts. They make thoughtful and personalized gifts, especially for new moms who cherish symbols of their newfound joy. For birthdays and anniversaries, birthstone charms add a splash of color and personalization, making each celebration unique. Initial charms are also a hit, offering a classic yet intimate touch to any jewelry piece. Beyond these, symbolic charms like hearts, stars, or meaningful icons are trending, as they allow women to express their individuality and personal narratives.