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New Faces at Little Sky Stone

New Faces at Little Sky Stone

This past year for Little Sky Stone has been an exciting one! We opened a storefront, released new products, took part in some awesome collaborations and relaunched our website! However, one of the most exciting things we've done in 2018 so far was grow our team. We had a moment to chat with our new team members Sydney and Valerie!

Sydney Palmer

Valerie Cammack

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do with Little Sky Stone!
Sydney Palmer: I'm Sydney and I'm a photographer for Little Sky Stone. I went to the Ohio State University and have a degree in Animal Sciences. I really love rock climbing and being outdoors!
Valerie Cammack: I'm Valerie and I'm the Social Media Specialist for Little Sky Stone. I graduated last fall from Kent State University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Marketing.
What attracts you to Little Sky Stone and what made you decide to work with them?
SP: I  had been freelancing for a few months when me and Kathryn (Little Sky Stone's Content Strategist) were catching up with each other, and she mentioned Little Sky Stone. She then put me and Liang in contact. I was excited to work with them because of the simple yet unique style of the jewelry, as well as wanting to work with a small company I could be creative with.
VC:  A lot of my college education focused on sustainability and really opened my eyes to some of the horrors of the industry. This knowledge has really encouraged me to support local businesses that focus on the product and the customer. I love Little Sky Stone because each piece is designed with meaning and the customer at heart.
What is your favorite part about working with Little Sky Stone?
SP:  I have absolutely loved meeting up with Liang because of his passion, hard work, and personal touch of his culture in this company. I feel lucky to work with people who do this because they love it.
VC:  My favorite part about working with the Little Sky Stone team is the passion and wide range of talents. I also firmly stand behind the product which is important for me in a brand.
What is your favorite Little Sky Stone piece?
SP: My favorite products are the light blue turquoise sterling silver ring and the L-sterling silver ring. I'm obsessed with turquoise and geometric jewelry!
VC:  My favorite piece is the Cove White Iridescent Drusy ring with the rose gold band. 
Sydney wearing our L-Sterling Silver Rose Gold ring

Valerie wearing our Cove White Iridescent Rose Gold ring
How does your day-to-day role influence the way your style your look?
SP: I'm all about comfort! If I have a day of shooting, I like to wear something simple and comfy so I can move around easily. I will usually wear blacks/greys/neutrals with a pop of color in my jewelry, which is why I love turquoise so much! When I travel, I will typically style my look focused on warmth because I am cold all the time, so I wear an oversized sweater and booties with a simple necklace and ring.
VC:  My day-to-day style is pretty simple. I really value being comfortable because I'm always out and about doing something! I like to wear clothing and accessory pieces that can be easily mixed and matched. The simplicity of Little Sky Stone pieces really complement my daily style.
To see more of Sydney and Valerie's work with Little Sky Stone in action, be sure to visit our website, follow our Facebook, Instagram and sign up for our newsletter!
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