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Glowing Garnet

Glowing Garnet

January brings many things into perspective-- the start of a new year, resolutions and a stone that resembles the month. January's stone is none other than garnet. The word garnet is derived from the Latin word granatus, which means seed or grain because of garnet's resemblance to small pomegranate seeds.

Serpentine Garnet Rose Gold Ring

Garnet comes in various hues, such as green, orange, pink and brown, but it is most popular in red. Garnet is believed to have protective powers, and would often be carried by travelers in ancient history. It is also believed to purify and heal energies in the body.

Summit Garnet Sterling Silver Ring

Fortunately, garnet is a very durable stone, which makes it last. Garnet is usually sold without treatment of any kind, making it affordable and can be sold at a relatively low cost.

Virtue Garnet Rose Gold Ring


Garnet still continues to be a popular gemstone used in a variety of jewelry pieces. If your birthday is in January, what is your favorite way to wear your birthstone? Don't forget to visit our websiteFacebook and Instagram pages for new products, news and more!

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