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Mid-Summer Styling Guide

Mid-Summer Styling Guide

Summer is the time to peel back those layers, break out the bright colors and simplistic pieces. As the days heat up, many are baring easy-to- wear pieces that reflect their own style. Need some tips and tricks on how to style jewelry during the mid-summer seasons? We’ve got you covered.

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Stunning in Sterling Silver

Perhaps the most versatile, sterling silver adds a timeless charm to looks with it’s solid color way and often ornate designs. Summer is all about basics, such as V-neck tees, jean shorts or flirty off-shoulder tops that sterling silver can contrast off of.

Summer is all about colors and prints, so have fun with it! Fuchsia, turquoise, lavender and yellows come to mind with a simple, solid hue, while sweet fruit and floral prints add more personality.

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Pretty In Pearl

Classic, sophisticated and feminine, pearls are perfect for any season and are so versatile. Pairing earrings or rings with a pastel hue can make the pearls pop and create a demure approach. For a preppy or posh appearance, prints like stripe, plaid or gingham create a New England-inspired look that is perfect for spending time on the pier or during a picnic with close friends. These pieces can add laid-back charm when paired with a button-up, or with a simple summertime dress.

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Tasteful Turquoise and Tungsten Band

A trending topic for jewelry pieces for men and women alike is the tungsten band and lush turquoise pieces. Stylish, refined and cultivated, turquoise and tungsten bands can be styled formally or more of a casual route. Solid-hued tops, tailored jeans and sneakers offer a casual-cool approach, while plaid button-ups or polos promise plenty of preppy appeal.

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Create your own mid-summer style by visiting our website  or Instagram and choosing that special piece that matches your personal style and everyday look. 

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