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Four Ring Styles Three Different Ways

Four Ring Styles Three Different Ways

The best part about jewelry is its versatility and the ability to wear it with seemingly any style. If you’re stuck in a rut on how to dress up or dress down your accessories, then look no further than this quick style guide on how to style your Little Sky Stone pieces for three different occasions. Whether it’s a laid-back look, grabbing coffee or attending a formal event, we’ve got you covered.

Love Silver & Artisan Collection

Quite possibly the most versatile, our Love Silver and Artisan collections can be paired endlessly. Ideally for a casual, laid-back look, simply pair pieces with layers such as a sweater or cardigan. Neutral colors and basic tees offer a toned down finish.

Pearl Ring, Sterling Silver

Photographer: Kat Behnk  
Model: Ally Gille

Have plans for brunch, coffee or running earrings? Look no further to wearing our pieces with a simple bomber jacket, blouse or button-up for a put together ensemble.

 Coffee, Ring

Don’t forget about those formal occasions! You can make a classic statement with a little black dress, or lend an eye-catching touch with a vibrant hue.

Photographer: Jordan Penrose

Model: Heidi Dang

 Love Gemstone

Turquoise is elegant, yet can be understated. Quite possibly the most worn gemstone, turquoise is a go-to if you want to lend your look an earth-inspired finish. Relaxing or just going with the flow? Pair turquoise with neutral hues and denim to make that lush blue hue pop!

Photographer: Jamie Benjamin

Model: Talia Zav

When grabbing a bite to eat or attending an event in a business casual setting, turquoise can be paired beautifully with a vibrant or warmer hue to create an eye-catching contrast.

Photographer: Jamie Benjamin

Model: Kara Daniels 

For those moments to dress up, whether for a formal affair or cocktail party, turquoise looks it’s best with a vivid hue. You can’t go wrong with lively patterns and artfully elegant prints that make a statement.

Photographer: Kat Behnk

Model: LaAnn kohn

Love Radiant 

Let’s hear it for the boys! We can’t forget our Tungsten bands, sure to make a stately statement. For casual, everyday ensembles, simply pairing tungsten bands with a snug sweater and a cool pair of shades.

Photographer: Kat Behnk

Model: Ali Alshehri

For an edgy, on-the- go look whether it’s a lunch date or running errands, a solid-hued tees, a rugged pair of jeans and a masculine watch should do the trick.

Photographer: Raquib Ahmed

For a tailored look and sophisticated finish, pairing a fitted blazer, classic tee and a sleek pair of slacks will give off a polished impression and will be sure to make heads turn.

Photographer: Kat Behnk

Model: Ali Alshehri

Create your own standout style with these pieces and more by visiting our website and choosing the piece that matches the look you’re going for, not matter the occasion.

By Kathryn Reaven 


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