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Meet Our Ambassadors!

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We've been really lucky these past few months for many different reasons. From releasing new products, growing our team, to collaborating with influencers. However, the most exciting just might be the launch of the Little Sky Stone Ambassador Program.

We would love for you to get to know some of our ambassadors more, so we asked them a couple questions to show you why they are a great asset to our brand. We asked our ambassadors some fun questions to get to know them a little better!

Savannah Slaton

Name: Savannah Slaton

Where are you from: Dayton, Ohio

College attended & major: Kent State University majoring in Fashion Merchandising

How did you find out about Little Sky Stone: Friends!

How would you describe your style: My style is pretty classic with some preppy pieces as well.

Who are your fashion influences: I am really loving Maddie Greer and Christina from @newdarlings!


 Savannah wearing our Serpentine Garnet wrap ring & Cove Grey Druzy ring

Nicki Loo wearing our Grotto White Druzy ring

Name: Nicki Loo

Where are you from: I am from Seattle, Washington, but I was born in Malaysia.

College attended & major: go to Drexel University in Philadelphia where I study Biology.

How did you find out about Little Sky Stone: I was browsing
through Instagram and came across Little Sky Stone.

What attracted you to wanting to be an ambassador for Little Sky Stone: The biggest reason I wanted to be an ambassador is because I absolutely love all the pieces from Little Sky Stone, I can never have enough! Also, the people from Little Sky Stone are super amazing and friendly!

What kind of pieces would you like to see from Little Sky Stone: I
would say more minimalistic and silver pieces since those are my go-to accessories. I also think it would be nice if Little Sky Stone started having chokers and anklets, as well!


Vicky Tran

Name: Vicky Tran

Where are you from: Oakland, California

What is your major: Business Administration and Social Welfare

How did you find out about Little Sky Stone: I was looking up jewelry brands and fell in love with the brand once I saw it.

How do you accessorize to reflect your personality: I wear rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings because I always love extra glam!

What is your favorite piece: My favorite piece is the Cove White Druzy ring.

Vicky wearing our Virtue Olivine & Sterling Silver ring & Cove Blue Druzy ring


Adelia Lauren

Name: Adelia Lauren

Where are you from: Manila, Philippines

College attended & major: I am a triple major in Premedical Studies, Philosophy, and French at Miami University.

How did you find out about Little Sky Stone: I found Little Sky Stone through a friend on Instagram!

How would you describe your style: My style evolves constantly, but I would say it is a mix of classy, girly, comfortable, and effortless.

Who are your fashion influences: One of my all-time fashion influencers is Jackie O, but some of my favorite fashion brands are Anthropologie and Free People.

Adelia wearing our Virtue Garnet & Rose Gold ring


Emily Ogden

Name: Emily Ogden

Where are you from: Columbus, Ohio

College attended & major: Sinclair Community College, I majored in Interior Design. I am an interior designer currently!

How did you find out about Little Sky Stone: I had friends who had discovered them and told me to check them out.

What attracted you to wanting to be an ambassador for Little Sky Stone: The simple unique look of the pieces, and the fact that they're a local business! I love supporting local shops!

How do you accessorize to reflect your personality: I'm fairly simple with my accessorizing nowadays, but I love to have a hint of my bohemian/artsy roots with my jewelry and especially rings. LOTS of rings. I get compliments on them all the time.

Who are your fashion influences: I adore Iris Apfel (I was her for Halloween two years ago!) and anyone with confident, eclectic style.


Emily wearing our Grotto Blue Druzy ring

Rahan Alemi

Name: Rahan Alemi

Where are you from: I am from Canada, but I am currently live in Los Angeles, California

How did you find out about Little Sky Stone: I was browsing through Instagram for jewelry pages and stumbled across Little Sky Stone!

What attracted you to wanting to be an ambassador for Little Sky Stone: I literally fell in love with the simple yet gorgeous look. I love how clean and crisp your Instagram page is and wanted to collaborate right off the bat. I, myself, am very neat and organized, and I see that reflection from the company. To start off, the images are so professional and that really made me want to be an ambassador. 

How would you describe your style: I would describe my style as being girly, yet trendy. I love exploring and testing out the current fashion in the industry.

Who are your fashion influences: My family influences my fashion big time, especially my older sister. She is a fashion blogger, as well. I get all my ideas and fashion inspo from her and her closet!

Rahan wearing our Spike Pearl ring 

Abbey Narayan

Name: Abbey Narayan

Where are you from: Wilmington, North Carolina

College attended & major: North Carolina State University majoring in Civil Engineering.

How did you find out about Little Sky Stone: Instagram! I saw you on the explore page.

What attracted you to wanting to be an ambassador for Little Sky Stone: I was immediately attracted to the uniqueness of each piece of jewelry. It amazed me how each piece was so different while still maintaining a minimalistic style.  

How do you accessorize to reflect your personality: I use jewelry to bring sparkle and color to any outfit. Whether I’m wearing a T-shirt that needs a little something extra, or a nice dress that needs a perfect pair of earrings or rings to complete the look.

What kind of pieces would you like to see from Little Sky Stone: Maybe some new colorful earrings or necklaces! I love the Vitality necklaces, so seeing those in some new colors would be awesome.

Abbey wearing our Summit Garnet & Sterling Silver ring & Grotto Black Druzy ring

Interested in becoming a Little Sky Stone Ambassador? Visit our website to fill out an application, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on new products and more!


Cover photo by Vicky Tran
Written by Kathryn Reaven


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