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Shanzi 14K Gold Earrings

Stories behind our SS18 collection: Yin-Yang

For a little over a year, we have been conceptualizing our newest collection. Now, it is finally a reality! After many ideas, designs and sketches, we are pleased to share our Yin-Yang collection. Our co-founder, Liang, shares the inspirations behind the pieces and dives deeper into the concept of Yin-Yang. 

Hand drawing Earring pictures

The sketches of Zhe Earrings 

More than just black and white color

Most of the time, when the concept of Yin-Yang s being used in fashion designs, it usually highlights the black and white colors from the round Yin-Yang symbol to showcase its contradictory. But the concept itself has more profound meanings than just black and white colors.

This ancient Chinese philosophy focuses on balance between two opposites, they could be between two objects, colors, genders and much more.

Ming 14k Gold Vermeil Opal Ring

Ming 14K Gold Vermeil Opal Ring

The character, Ming (明), means ‘bright,’ but itself is a combination of the sun (日) and moon characters (月). In ancient Chinese philosophy, especially Taoism, the moon and sun together bring Yin and Yang.  This beauty is represented by an iridescent opal stone and warm 14k gold vermeil plating.

Shanzi 14K Gold Earrings

Shanzi 14K Gold Earrings

The fan is a deeply rooted motif in Chinese culture. With that, we bring you the Shanzi 14k Gold Vermeil earrings. This symbol has become entwined with many aspects of daily life. This is best exemplified with the connection of fans (扇) and kindness (善), two characters represented by one word: shànzi.


Inspirations from the Classical Garden of Suzhou

During a trip to the Classical Garden of Suzhou in my Senior year, I was amazed by the elegant aesthetics and subtlety of architects in the gardens. I was mostly impressed by the geometric, symmetrical shapes of the windows. The inspirations of some designs in this new collection come from those patterns:

Ling 14K Gold Earrings

These earrings are inspired by the half-open window design of The Classical Gardens of Suzhou, which were built during the 12th century in China. The ‘closed’ part on the top contradicts the ‘open’ part at the bottom, but these opposites also bring harmony.  

Zhe 14K Gold Earrings

Zhe 14K Gold Earrings

This pair of earrings feature an ornate design that is inspired by one of the most famous geometric patterns of The Classical Gardens of Suzhou in China. The straight lines make the pattern simple and decent, representing ‘upright and integrity.’  

Little Sky Stone’s goal is to design pieces with the everyday customer in mind. Our pieces incorporate Chinese elements in the designs and we strive to share the inspiration of oriental craft from old to new. It is our mission to bring you minimalistic, yet luxurious, pieces that stay true to who we are. We are so proud of this collection and hope you like it, too!

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