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Peace, Love & Blue Topaz

Peace, Love & Blue Topaz

The year has come and gone, while the buzz of the holidays is still humming. December brings family and friends together, sharing the love and affection you have for one another. December also is known to have the stone blue topaz as its birthstone.


Blue topaz stones are often seen as a symbol of love and affection, and are often seen as an aid to one's sweetness and disposition. Topaz can come in many hues of blue, such as a pale blue, Swiss blue and London blue. No matter what shade of blue it brings, topaz can help channel relaxing energies.


The word topaz originates from the Greek word topazian. The name is also believed to come from the Egyptian island Topazos in the Red Sea, where a yellow-green stone was found. During the Middle Ages, topaz was cherished because it was a stone that was rare and seen as prized. Today, blue topaz is much more common and affordable!



Blue topaz has been cherished over centuries for it's soothing blue hue and it's believed powers. It's comforting blue color is said to help channel our thoughts and makes one more concentrated. Topaz is also associated with feelings of honesty and deep emotional attachment. Not only can blue topaz be a birthstone, it can also be a symbol of a loved one's devotion to their partner.

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