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Caring for Your Birthstone Jewelry: Tips and Tricks

Caring for Your Birthstone Jewelry: Tips and Tricks

Birthstone jewelry is fashionable and can be a perfect accessory to wear in your birth month or even give to someone as a gift. As these are pretty much always items with sentimental value, it is vital to give them attention to make them look as nice as possible.

Below are some simple best practices when it comes to the care of your birthstone jewel that is in any form such as a necklace, ring or earrings.

1. Regular Cleaning

Most gems can be washed with mild dish soap and warm water. Brush the jewelry using a soft toothbrush by rubbing it against the stone and around the setting where dirt is most likely to accumulate. Wash thoroughly with warm water and gently wipe the surface with a piece of clean and soft cloth. It is also essential not to use acid solutions since they can damage some stones.

2. Proper Storage

It is advised to keep each piece isolated in order to prevent scratches tangling. Avoid using hard cases or those made of metal as they might scratch the jewelry. In case of fragile items, use a soft cloth to cover the items before packing them in the storage units. Always keep your jewelry in a cool, dry area, preferably away from the light as light may cause some gemstones to change color.

3. Avoiding Damage

It is important to note that birthstone jewelry is meant to be worn, but there are activities that can cause damages to it. Take your jewelry off before cleaning the house, gardening or any other strenuous activity that requires your hands. Do not expose your birthstones to cleaning products, perfumes and hair sprays and any other chemicals. Do not wear any jewelry while you are applying lotions or creams, wait until they are completely absorbed into your skin.

4. Regular Inspections

If your birthstone is set in a piece of jewelry, you should take time and examine the stone to check whether the stones are loose or whether the prongs that hold the stones are worn out. In case of any issues, it is advisable to take the jewelry to a qualified jeweler for repair. Another thing that may help your gemstones look their best is to have them cleaned professionally, at least once in a while.

5. Special Care for Specific Types of Stones

The kind of care that is required for birthstones depends on the kind of birthstone. Here are some tips for the most common birthstones:

  • Garnet (January): Garnets are relatively harder and are easily scratched by even harder stones. It is advisable to wash it with warm soapy water and should not be steam cleaned.
  • Amethyst (February): The colour of the amethyst can alter when the gemstone is exposed to direct light. Clean in warm water with any soap and do not expose to strong lighting.
  • Aquamarine (March): Aquamarines are as hardwearing, but they are more sensitive to heat. Wash with soap and water and do not use steam cleaners.

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1. Gold Birthstone Necklaces

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This birthstone ring can be personalized by choosing your preferred birthstone. The slender gold ring and the gemstone make it an elegant piece of jewellery. It is perfect for those who are interested in birthstone jewelry that are tailored to fit their birth month.

3. Pavé Birthstone Earrings

These birthstone earrings are a quality set of earrings that can be used for any occasion. Each earring has a brightly colored birthstone in a timeless gold setting, so they are perfect for any birthday, wedding, or as a special gift.


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