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Why Adjustable Rings Are Awesome For Pregnancy and Beyond

Top Reasons to Wear Adjustable Rings During Pregnancy

Have you ever had to remove a ring from your finger that seems doubled overnight? Many pregnant women experience some swelling in legs, feet and fingers. Although it's quite normal, it also can be annoying that you can't wear your normal rings any more.  Well, here is the good news, you don't have to be one of them any more! 

Little Sky Stone adjustable rings provide a perfect solution.

A Ring that Adjusts to Fit

Little Sky Stone rings feature two different adjustable ring styles to prove that one-size-fits-all jewelry does not have to be limiting. One model features an open front and the other displays an overlapping back. Open front design has a small gap that shows off your skin alongside the front design and gemstones for a minimalist, elongated look.  Rings with an overlapped backing share a near-identical look to a traditionally-sized closed model option. However, the extended pieces of metal leave a small space in the back to allow customers to mold the design for a uniquely-tailored fit. 

 Open Front Design

Opal Serpentine Gold Ring

Back Overlap Design

Ellie Adjustable Link 14K Gold Ring


Durable While Maintaining Aesthetic Appeal

Little Sky Stone ring bands are made of precious metals, such as sterling silver or 14k gold filled. They are durable and won't break. Below is from a customer's review after she purchased our White Grotto Druzy Ring

" This is a beautiful ring! I bought it so that I would have something adjustable during a pregnancy that looked and felt a little fancier than my silicone ring and this is perfect! 😊 It is easy to adjust and doesn't feel cheap or like it will break! "

Will you give our adjustable rings a try during your pregnancy?  We would love to hear your feedbacks in the comments below. 

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