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Moonstone vs. Other Gemstones: What Makes It Unique?

Moonstone vs. Other Gemstones: What Makes It Unique?

Gemstones have always been valued for their glittering and exotic look and each stone has its own special attraction. Of these gems, moonstone is particularly unique because, besides being beautiful, it has a mysterious, enchanting glow. But what makes moonstone special compared to other well-known gemstones?

In this article, you will learn about the main features of moonstone in terms of appearance, properties, and value, as well as consider some beautiful works of moonstone jewelry from Little Sky Stone.


Moonstone is famous for its fascinating phenomenon known as adularescence which is the appearance of light that moves across the stone. This effect gives moonstone a dreamy, ethereal light that can be blue to peach in color, which has a celestial quality. This phenomenon occurs as a result of the structure of moonstone which causes the light to reflect in different directions.

Sapphire and ruby are the examples of gemstones that can have a very intense and uniform color. Sapphire can come in a range of blue to pink and ruby is another gemstone well known for its deep red color. Diamonds which are also among the most common gems are renowned for their luster and clarity and are cut in such a way to maximize their light reflective ability.


Moonstone is a type of feldspar and it falls under the range of 6 to 6. 5 on the Mohs hardness scale, which means it is somewhat softer than many other gemstones, such as sapphires (9) and diamonds (10). This relative softness means moonstone jewelry is delicate and prone to scratches and other damages if not well handled.

Apart from the physical qualities, moonstone carries a lot of legends and mysterious stories. It is commonly linked with the moon and is said to have harmonizing energies and can help to soothe. Moonstone is also believed to help people develop their intuition and encourage imagination – making it a popular choice for those seeking not just beauty but also a sense of spiritual connection.


In terms of worth, moonstone is cheaper than most gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds and sapphires among others. Nonetheless, the cost of moonstone depends on the quality of the gemstone, its size, and the intensity of the adularescence feature. Moonstones which have a high quality and vibrant blue hue can be quite expensive and in demand among collectors and lovers of jewelry.

Moonstone Jewelry Highlights

1. Moonstone Necklace

2. Moonstone Ring

3. Moonstone Earrings

For the lovers of earrings, the Pavé Moonstone Huggies are stylish and trendy and are ideal when wearing moonstone. These huggie earrings are pavé set moonstones that give off a twinkle with your movement, making them perfect for any occasion.


Moonstone is an exception among gems in that it has a unique adularescence, is considered to have mystical powers and is affordable. It is a jewelry piece that is beautiful and also affordable, making it a common beauty jewelry piece that many people wear with pride. If you are mesmerized by the moonstone necklace that looks like the moonlight, the moonstone ring that embodies the beauty of the pearl or the moonstone earrings that sparkle like diamonds, Little Sky Stone has many beautiful pieces that pay homage to the magic of this enchanting gemstone. Discover our collection today and let the beauty of moonstone change your jewelry collection.


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