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Love Story: Joe and Kori

Love Story: Joe and Kori

Kori and Joe met in February 2015 and bonded over their love of nature, exploring the outdoors and sharing the same values in life. It all started when Joe saw a photo of Kori at Guardsman’s Pass in Park City, Utah, where he used to live. Kori and Joe were both working in Columbus, Ohio. They have been inseparable ever since.

Months later, Kori and Joe decided to take their relationship to the next step and discussed getting engaged. Kori is originally from the Dayton, Ohio area. Joe and Kori went for a family visit and traveled to nearby Yellow Springs, Ohio to hike at Glen Helen Nature Preserve with Kori’s family where Joe soon asked for her father’s blessing in marriage. They wanted to break the mold and have nontraditional wedding bands that captured their values and their love of the environment, nature and community. Kori had always been drawn to different stones like amber and turquoise for their beautiful hue and the connection to nature specific cultures hold with these stones.

It was then in November 2015, while exploring Moonlight Market in downtown Columbus, Joe and Kori discovered Little Sky Stone. Kori and Joe had been drawn to Liang’s turquoise bands that were similar styles to other engagement rings they had been looking at prior. The fact that Little Sky Stone was local and unique touched them and they decided to support a local business. Drew by Little Sky Stone’s mission, preserve the diversity of culture and keep the non-modernized way of silver making alive, Joe and Kori wanted to work with Liang to help design their wedding bands. They met at a local coffee shop where Liang brought a variety of bands to try on for style and size. To ensure Joe and Kori had bands that reflected their love of nature, Liang met with Kori a second time to discuss all the details. As Liang said: “we treat customers as our friends and we will make sure that every experience is satisfactory”.

The following month, Joe and Kori took another hike through Glen Helen Nature Preserve and stood above the waterfall on a bridge where Joe first asked when Kori realized they were in love and had something special. Moments later, they decided to go under the waterfall where Joe felt it would be better place to properly propose. Little Sky Stone’s band and outdoors setting made it even more special because it encompassed their love of nature and living in the moment.

In May 2016, Kori and Joe were finally married in an outdoor ceremony at the scenic Antrim Shelter House surrounded by close family and friends in a small intimate ceremony. Joe and Kori’s special day encompassed their one-of-a-kind personalities and captured their love of nature and the value of their local community from their wedding bands to the food to the entertainment. Little Sky Stone follows the same values, which makes the story of Kori and Joe so much more special.

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