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Keep Your Jewelry Sparkling: Our Tips for Eco-Friendly Jewelry Care at Home

Keep Your Jewelry Sparkling: Our Tips for Eco-Friendly Jewelry Care at Home

Here at Little Sky Stone, we’re passionate about sustainable jewelry practices. Part of that is helping our customers care for their pieces in an earth-friendly way. Extending the lifespan of your jewelry is better for both your wallet and the planet.

With some simple techniques, you can clean your jewelry sustainably at home. These methods are chemical-free and reusable, reducing waste. We’ll share our best tips for keeping your rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more looking their best while being green.

Use a Gentle Jewelry Cleaning Solution

While DIY jewelry cleaner recipes can work, they often rely on ingredients like baking soda that create a lot of package waste. We recommend using a natural, chemical-free cleansing solution instead. Our top pick is Kate Somerville +Glo Gem Micellar Solution because it’s plant-based and comes in a recyclable glass bottle.

For a budget option, solid jewelry cleaning bars like Sunshine Polishing Cloth also avoid single-use wipes. Gently rub the textured bar over jewelry to lift away grime without harmful ingredients.

Clean with an Ultrasonic Machine

One of the most sustainable ways to deep clean jewelry is with an ultrasonic cleaner. These machines use waves of ultrasonic energy and water to lift dirt and oils away. Handy for cleaning crevices in diamond rings! However, leave the cleaning to jewelry experts, according to certified diamontologists. Choose a cleaner with a stainless steel tank for durability.

We recommend the Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner. It cleans jewelry, eyeglasses, and more using just tap water without any added chemicals.

Polish Away Tarnish

Over time, sterling silver and other metals can develop tarnish and oxidation. Avoid wasteful silver dip chemicals. Instead, buff away that darkened top layer with a sunshine cloth or renewal polish. We love Sunshine Polishing Cloths – just rub over metal gently to restore shine.

For a deeper polish, try an eco-friendly silver cream like Twinkle Silver Cream. The plant-based formula is biodegradable too. Just rub it in with a soft cloth.

Freshen Up Pearls

Pearls require special care, as chemicals and even water can damage their nacre coating. Refresh pearls by wiping down with a microfiber cloth to lift away environmental pollutants and skin oils. If more cleaning is needed, do a quick soak in room temperature water mixed with a very small amount of mild soap.

Store Pieces Properly

How you store jewelry between wears matters for longevity too. Prevent tangles by storing necklaces on a rack or hanging organizer. Use a jewelry box with separated compartments to avoid scratches. Adding anti-tarnish strips to boxes or drawers helps prevent silver oxidation.

With these simple sustainable cleaning and care methods, you can keep your jewelry sparkling for years to come while reducing environmental impact. Let us know if you have any other questions about eco-friendly jewelry care!
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