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Inspired by Druzy

Inspired by Druzy

It is no surprise to us that some of our most successful products on Little Sky Stone are our druzy pieces. It could be the texture, the colors, or maybe the sparkle druzy creates, but either way, we are hooked! On top of the compliments we receive from the pieces, we also get a lot of inquiry on what druzy is and why it is so eye-catching.

White Druzy Rose Gold Ring

What is druzy?

Druzy is a glittering effect made by tiny crystals over top of a colorful mineral. Druzy can be cut into various shapes easily, making it a great rock to create with. Druzy coatings occur in gems all over the world, but is most common in quartz and can also be found in various others like garnet, agate, citrine, calcite, and more. Druzy comes in an array of colors like blue, white, gold, black, red, and orange. Although druzy appears to be dainty and delicate, it is a durable gem and easy to work with. Druzy is also said to have calming properties to the mind, body, and soul.

Blue Druzy Silver Ring

Druzy Features

Druzy’s main appearance is its beautiful tiny crystals that have a soft-looking texture to them. Druzy can be coated to have more of an iridescent appearance, or to have more sparkle to them. They can also be cut into a large formation, or smaller, depending on the piece’s purpose.

Gold Druzy Silver Ring

Gold Grotto Druzy Ring

Durzy Necklaces Rose Gold Pendant

Bay Druzy Pendant Necklaces available in blue, white and gold


Druzy comes in various shapes and sizes, and is cut to accommodate the product it is being incorporated in. Larger druzy are often used in items that are displayed, such as home decor, whereas smaller druzy is often transformed into jewelry. Crystals need to be cut carefully because if it is cut wrong, the druzy crystals can often be left damaged. No matter the size of the piece, the druzy always comes out absolutely captivating!

Druzy Ring Sizes


How To Style This Popular Piece

Gold Druzy Style

Silver Lagoon Druzy Ring & Gulf Rose Gold Druzy Ring

Druzy is such an easy stone to work with- artistically and in fashion. With its luster and colorful finish, it is by far the star of the show. Whenever druzy is styled, the pieces give off a free-spirited vibe. Pair with a flowing top or dress during warm seasons, or simply complement a knit sweater, boots and a cardigan for extra texture! No matter what, this stone will add sparkling beauty to any outfit it is paired with!

How do you style your druzy? Let us know by tagging us and be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to learn more about our pieces!

Photographs: Jamie Benjamin, Sydney Palmer,  Taylor Jackson, Sabrina Skiles, Kandice Stidham, and Valerie Cammack.

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