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Essentially Citrine

Essentially Citrine

As the month of November is quickly ending, the thought of holiday shopping, traditions and spending time with family is on everyone's mind. Warm colors such as browns and oranges are the center of attention during the month, but we can't forget another hue and gemstone that is on our minds in November-- citrine. Citrine comes from the French word citron, which means lemon and has a warm yellow hue.

Accent Citrine Sterling Silver Ring

Citrine stones are a part of the quartz family, therefore, they come in many sizes and are very easy to clean! Simply use warm water, soap or a mild detergent and a small brush to lightly scrub the stone so it stays vibrant.

Ellipse Citrine Sterling Silver Ring

The citrine stone is known to be of value in healing the spiritual self and is a powerful cleanser. Legend has it that citrine promotes vitality and and energy. Citrine can draw off stress and bring in refreshing peace. It is no doubt that you will look calm, collected and great when you wear pieces that feature this stone!

Luckily, citrine is very affordable, so bold pieces are easy to find without burning a hole in your pocket! Were you born in November? If so, do you enjoy wearing your birthstone during the cooler months or all year? Don't forget to visit our website, Facebook and Instagram pages for new products, news and more! 

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