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March Birthstone Jewelry Charm

Our March Birthstone Aquamarine Charms are the perfect addition to any jewelry piece. Celebrate March birthdays with the timeless elegance of aquamarine, symbolizing serenity and sophistication.

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Frequently Asked Questions - March Birthstone Jewelry Charms

What is a March birthstone jewelry charm?

A March birthstone aquamarine charm is a gemstone charm that has an attractive blue to blue-green hue that is associated with the month of March. These charms can be placed on bracelet, necklace or any other product that one wears around the neck, which makes them unique and personal.

What is the significance of the March birthstone jewelry charm?

The birthstone associated with Aquamarine is a gem that represents serenity, purity, and valor. So, March birthstone jewelry charms, those which are created from Aquamarines, are believed to bring their owner comfort and calmness in life and also to contribute to the development of intimacy in relationships, so it can be considered as a valuable gift.

Are the aquamarines in your March birthstone jewelry charms natural or lab-grown?

Our March birthstone jewelry charms are consist of aquamarines that are lab-grown. Lab-grown aquamarines are ethically sourced, more sustainable and affordable and yet have the same characteristics as natural aquamarines.

Are March birthstone jewelry charms a good gift?

Yes, it is great to give March birthstone jewelry charms as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries and other special life occasions. Aquamarine is associated with peace, clarity and courage which makes this piece of jewelry given as a gift to be quite meaningful.

How should I care for my March birthstone jewelry charm?

To maintain your March birthstone jewelry charm, wipe it with a soft damp cloth. Do not use strong chemicals or ultrasonic cleaning as they are likely to damage the birthstone. When not in use, it is also advisable to store your jewelry in individual cases to avoid contact with other metals or jewelry causing scratches on its surface.