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Sustainable Jewelry: Fashion with a Conscience

Sustainable Jewelry: Fashion with a Conscience

Fashion is one of the most impactful industries in the world, and with growing environmental concerns, it’s not surprising that the concept of sustainable fashion jewelry is gaining popularity.

With the concentration of consumers on the sourcing and production of their products, the overall appeal for good jewelry is now accompanied with a desire for “good” jewelry. Sustainable jewelry is not just a passing fad; it is the conscious choice towards a more ethical fashion industry.

What is Sustainable Fashion Jewelry?

It’s everywhere, but what makes it special is that it’s “good” in the most holistic way of speaking. That is to say; sustainable jewels are good for the people, the planet, and the wearer.

Sustainable Jewelry Materials

First and foremost, it is based on sustainable jewelry materials. The regular mining industry effectively destroys forests and cuts open mountains; it’s even more upsetting when you find out that this industry is also responsible for slave labor. However, with sustainable jewelry, they try to find alternatives that are not as harmful.

For example, the metals used in the construction of these gems, gold and silver, are often specifically recycled; this means that no new precious mines are opened to satisfy humanity’s insatiable hunger for decoration. Gems and stones used in these types of jewelry are also often laboratory grown or responsibly mined to ensure that no one getting them wage is dying, and no forest is being cut.

At LittleSkyStone, one of our most cherished collections, our moissanite jewelry, exemplifies our commitment to sustainability without compromising on sparkle. Moissanite, a gemstone known for its brilliance and durability, offers a stunning alternative to traditional diamonds. But what sets moissanite apart is its sustainability value.

Check out our Jamila Moissanite Necklace made with lab-created moissanite stone

Sustainable Jewelry Making

Secondly, sustainable jewelry making is essential; the jewel itself is not the only thing that people are concerned with, but also how, where, and by whom is it made. Latex gloves and 3D printing as methods of jewelry making are being widely adopted due to their environmentally sound nature and the way they lessen waste and energy use.

Moreover, small-batch, local production is a staple of the sustainable jewelry industry. At Little Sky Stone, we believe in the importance of working with suppliers that ensure the ethical treatment of their employees. By working closely with them, we can guarantee that our jewelry is produced under fair labor conditions, and every piece is crafted with care and integrity.

Another reflection of our commitment to sustainable jewelry making is this Sophia Pearl Necklace ethically crafted with organic pearls

Sustainable Values

As though it’s a paradox, the third, important part of the creation of new sustainable jewelry and the final product itself is the need for sustainable values. Many brands vocally fight for fair treatment of the people making jewelry and try to ensure that their business is as environmentally conscious as possible.

More importantly, sustainable jewelry is not only for the green-minded consumers: it is for everyone who wants to wear only beauty with a genuine meaning. Sustainable jewelry comes as the combination of an idea behind a piece and the hard work that has been put into it. It tells the story of fair labor and comprehensive environmental protection employment. As you put it on, you can feel responsible for picking jewelry with some meaning and becoming another person to have been shopping consciously.

The need for sustainable fashion jewelry exposes the need for greater transparency within the modern jewelry industry, too. More and more clients are wondering where the products come from and are pushing designers and sellers towards greater openness. The industry’s openness to the society can persuade other designers and companies to shift their focus to sustainability, too.


Summing it up, sustainable jewelry is not just some new trend, on which designers are seeking to capitalize. It is the new wave of turning toward a truly responsible fashion industry that treats the environment and employees fairly. As you buy a piece of sustainable jewelry, you say a lot about your style and even more about your values. It is fashion with a conscience that unites beauty, honesty, and sustainability. 

We, at Little Sky Stone, know the value of sustainability in the context of jewelry industry. We care for our customers by making every attempt to provide them with ethically produced and eco-friendly items. The production process is held with special care aimed at providing an ethical basis; such aims are actually translated by our use of ethically sourced gemstones. We are very concerned with our accountability and thus are trying to make our customers feel confident knowing that their jewelry is not only beautiful but also made with integrity.

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