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Why Are Moissanite Engagement Rings Becoming More Popular?

Why Are Moissanite Engagement Rings Becoming More Popular?

Selecting an engagement ring is a significant aspect of planning for an engagement ceremony. Diamond rings are undoubtedly the most universal choice, however its high price has deterred many customers, prompting more and more people to seek more cost-effective alternatives.

In recent years, Moissanite rings have made a big splash in the engagement market and become a popular choice for engagement rings. MollyJewelryUS is a leading gemstone jeweller, and its flagship product is moissanite engagement rings.

Today we are honored to invite Sherri, a jeweler from MollyJewelryUS, join us to discuss: why are Moissanite engagement rings becoming popular?

What makes Moissanite rings a popular choice for engagement rings?

“To answer this question, firstly we should know Moissanite.” Sherri explained, "Beauty is what makes Moissanite available to the masses and what makes it popular is more than that." Moissanite is famous for its striking resemblance to diamonds, which has established it as a formidable competitor in the jewellery market. Its unique allure is a key factor in its growing popularity.

If you're interested in learning more about this remarkable gemstone, please follow us to discover its many fascinating attributes.

Natural Moissanite is a very rare gemstone, therefore almost all the Moissanite used in the jewelry industry is lab Moissanite, which has the same qualities as natural Moissanite. What’s more, under the conditions of manual intervention, the quality of the lab Moissanite can be balanced so that customers can buy it with confidence. The following are some main features of a Moissanite engagement ring.

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High Durability

Moissanite has a 9.25 Mohs hardness, second to diamond of 10. Besides, this material has good toughness and thermal stability, which can resist both the impact and high temperature in daily life, and is very fit for wearing daily jewelry.

Fire and Brilliance

Moissanite not only has a birefringence index (2.654-2.967), each refraction value is higher than the diamond (2.418), while the dispersion value (0.104) is greater than the diamond (0.044), so it can produce more excellent fire color and brilliance. (Dispersion affects fire color, refractive index affects brilliance)

The Price Is Affordable

compared with the natural diamond ring, the Moissanite engagement ring is cheaper and nearer to the people; that's the ideal choice for beauty pursuing and cost-effective couples.


The Moissanite engagement ring is grown jewelry in labs. All these gemstones are grown by cultivating without environmental damage from mining the ores.

Rainbow Effect

Due to the high refractive index and high dispersion value of Moissanite, in sunlight or a spotlight, the Moissanite engagement ring produces rainbow dispersive light more than a diamond ring, which is one of the unique and beautiful features.

Lower Density

Moissanite's specific gravity (3.218-3.22) is lower than that of diamonds (3.52). Therefore, at the same carat weight, Moissanite appears larger than diamonds.

Moissanite engagement rings are becoming one of the perfect substitutes for the diamond ring , favored by numerous consumers who pursue beauty, durability, environmental protection, and high-cost performance. Indeed, when you select an engagement ring, the gemstone is not only thing that you will decide. You also need pick out materials, cutting method, design, etc. A perfect engagement ring needs integrate your love. If you are still worried about the expensive diamond ring, the Moissanite engagement ring must be an ideal choice.