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June Birthstones: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite - Choosing Your Favorite

June Birthstones: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite - Choosing Your Favorite

There are three beautiful June birthstones: Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite. All of these birthstones are special and are perfect for the people who are born in June or for those who love lovely accessories. In this blog, we will be looking at the differences between each stone and guide you in making a decision. We will also feature some exquisite items from Little Sky Stone, the Sophia Pearl Necklace, Tiny Baguette Moonstone Necklace, and Alexandrite Necklace.

Pearl Jewelry: Classic Elegance

It is a widely known fact that pearls are pure, elegant and sophisticated. The pearl birthstone is the only gem that is not inorganic, as they are formed in the living tissue of oysters and mollusks. Freshwater cultured pearls, in particular, have gained popularity for their variety of shapes and colors, offering unique beauty cultivated in a sustainable manner. They have been valued for centuries due to their glossy, shiny skin.

Characteristics of Pearls:

  • Luster: Pearls shine softly and give a gentle sheen.
  • Color: The most common color of pearls is white or cream, however, they can be pink, blue, green, black, or gold.
  • Surface Quality: It is pertinent to note that high quality pearls are not rough and possess as little imperfection as possible.

Appeal of Cultured Pearls:

Pearls are classical and universal, so they can be worn daily and for various ceremonies and celebrations. It will not be an overstatement to say that a pearl jewelry has the power to make any dress classy.

Featured Product:

Sophia Pearl Necklace: This is a beautiful necklace from Little Sky Stone that reflects traditional style of the necklace and the quality of the pearls used in the necklace.

Moonstones: Mystical Allure

The moonstone birthstone is special kind of gemstone that gives out a glowing effect which is considered mystical. They are in the feldspar family, and they have an iridescence called adularescence, which mean the stone seems to emit the light of the moon on the water.

Characteristics of Moonstones:

  • Adularescence: This is the glow that is the signature feature of moonstones
  • Color: Moonstones are typically white, blue, or peach, although they can also be clear.
  • Clarity: High quality moonstones are tender and translucent with fewer imperfections within their structure.

Appeal of Moonstones:

Moonstones are associated with the moon, and the symbolic meaning of this stone is connected with intuition, balance, and inner strength. Periods of their existence are associated with the fact that their glow gives preference for those who appreciate delicate but at the same time obvious beauty. A moonstone necklace is perfect for any woman because she can wear it on any occasion and with any outfit without looking out of place or too flashy.

Featured Product:

Tiny Baguette Moonstone Necklace: This beautiful moonstone necklace from Little Sky Stone is ideal for those who love the sparkle of this enchanting birthstone jewelry. This means that the basic look and feel of the stone is enhanced and is not tampered with by any added extra feature.

Alexandrite: Rare Transformation

Another special gemstone is the Alexandrite birthstone, which has an ability to change its color. It was first found in Russia in the 1830s, and transforms from green in daylight to red or purplish-red under incandescent light.

Characteristics of Alexandrite:

  • Color Change: Alexandrite may look greenish-blue or blue-green, yellow-green, or even blue-green in daylight, while it may be red or reddish-purplish or raspberry in incandescent light.
  • Hardness: Alexandrite is hard with a density of 8 thus making it quite sturdy. 5 on the Mohs scale in terms of hardness.
  • Rarity: High-quality alexandrite is still very rare and valuable, even today, despite the advancements in technology.

Appeal of Alexandrite:

Due to its ability to change color, alexandrite is an exception in the world of gems. Change and transformation: The butterfly is one of the most recognized images around the world, and this is due to the fact that it embodies the concept of change and transformation. Therefore, an alexandrite necklace is a perfect choice for those who appreciate unique and elegant jewelry.

Featured Product:

Alexandrite Necklace: This necklace from Little Sky Stone includes the appeal of alexandrite in it. It has a very sophisticated look that gives a glimpse of how beautiful the stone changes color.

Choosing Your Favorite June Birthstone

Choosing between pearls, moonstone or the alexandrite really depends on what you like best. Pearls are a classic beauty, moonstone gives that magical touch, and alexandrite has the charm of color change. All of the gems are pretty in their own way, so there really cannot be a wrong decision.

Check out these splendid pieces and many others at Little Sky Stone and get a fitting gemstone to complement your personality. No matter which June birthstone you opt for: pearl, moonstone or alexandrite, you are surely going to cherish your jewelry for many years.

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