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How to Match Jewelry with Your Outfit – A Jewelry Style Guide

How to Match Jewelry with Your Outfit – A Jewelry Style Guide

Fashion is an inseparable world of accessories that will make ordinary an entirely stunning outfit! Jewelry, being one of the accessories, plays a vital role in adding sparkle, personality, and confidence to your look. Whether you are a fan of minimalist style or adore impressing with extravagant pieces, understanding how to match jewelry with your outfit is a beneficial skill. Let us reveal the secrets accessorizing and find out how to never make a mistake while putting jewelry and clothes together using the best samples by Little Sky Stone.

Understand Your Style Identity

Knowing your style is one of the first aspects to consider before discussing other rules of the jewelry pairing. Tell me what you wear, and I will tell you who you are! Whether you prefer minimalist elegance, boho atmosphere, or a classic style, knowing your fashion identity will help you always choose perfect jewelry.

Everything Is Unique

If each stroke in a picture is a part of a masterpiece, every piece of jewelry is a part of your outfit. Note, that every earring, necklace, or bracelet should match clothes you wear. While coordinating jewelry with your outfit, think about color, texture, and shape. Choose the metal that complements the color of your clothes and skin tone. You can never go wrong by pairing the gold with warm earthy tones, for example.

Sample Jewelry Pieces and How to Style Them

1. Birthstone Necklaces

No longer are birthstone initial necklaces simple and subtle elegance but a reflection of strong personality. Fine and sophisticated, the Birthstone Initial Necklace by Little Sky Stone is one of the most personal accessories one can have. Whether you choose a necklace with your initial on it or, better yet, the initial of a name of someone you love, your ensemble will be reportedly charged with sentimentality.

You can pair this necklace with a total white look for office: a strict shirt and a pair of tailored pants. But the ensemble would not go amiss if you wanted to have a free-spirited day and put on your bohemian layered chains under a fluttered maxi dress.

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2. Hoop Earrings

Sapphire Baguette Hoops by Little Sky Stone would lavish your image with glamour and glitter. Preciously in gold, the sapphires on the earrings pair timeless elegance and modern trends.

A combination of white T-shirt and a pair of jeans and a strict stylish jacket would do perfectly for a sophisticated baguette earring. And yet, if you are not a Femme fatal, a little black dress would become a perfect carrier for those elegant hoops.

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5. Cuff Bracelet

Add some spice and danger to your look with Donelle Cuff Bracelet by Little Sky Stone. The cuff bracelet is gold-hued and has fanny snake twists on both ends of the bracelet. Obviously, the accessory is worn as a solo because it is a piece of the statement in and of itself. But stacking it with delicate bangles would perfectly create a bohemian image.

For the evening ensemble choose an all-black outfit such as a perfect black suit and classy black boots or an elegant monophonic jumpsuit. Yet, a boyfriend-cut suite and slipper for an odd level of comfort or a light bohemian dress and sandals to go for a walk in a park would be good combinations for an eclectic daytime look.

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As you consider perfect combinations for your jewelry remember that first and foremost jewelry is a reflection of the wearer’s personality and style. Therefore do not be shy or afraid to make an experimentation, do wear your jewelry with the certain degree of self-assurance. With the exquisite pieces from Little Sky Stone as your guide, you'll effortlessly elevate your style and make a lasting impression wherever you go.

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