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How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

You may have reached the point in your relationship where you are already thinking about taking the next step and popping the question - "Will you marry me?" It is such an exciting stage, and one of the most important decisions that come with it is choosing the right engagement ring.

It can get very confusing to choose the best ring for the love of your life especially with many options out there. But don't you worry because in this blog, we will guide you in finding the ring that perfectly fits not only the person you love most but also the beautiful love story you share.

1. Consider Personalizing

It can make a huge difference when you pay attention to incorporating personalized details in an engagement ring. You must take into consideration the special elements that show the individuality, uniqueness, style and preference of your partner. It could be something about the materials used in the ring such as silver or gold, gemstones or birthstones, shape, engraving and more. Remember that personalizing the engagement ring to fit your partner adds a whole new meaning to the ring.

2. Symbolize with Birthstone Gems

Birthstones are not only beautiful but they also have a meaningful symbol based on someone's month of birth. It is definitely such a thoughtful touch to add the birthstone of your partner to the engagement ring as it shows you value their existence by remembering the month they were born. You can ask your partner about their birthstone and design the ring with it to add a personal touch. It could be green emerald or blue sapphire, there's surely a birthstone gem that could elevate any engagement ring.

This Serpentine Silver Ring makes a great engagement ring with Garnet birthstone

3. Avail Customization Options

It is common nowadays for many jewelers out there to offer customization service. This service gives you the freedom to come up with an engagement ring that is especially unique for your partner. Customization could come in different ways such as engraving letters on the ring, adding special elements, or choosing a special cut and shape. Through customization you get to create a ring that perfectly matches your partner's uniqueness when it comes to style and preferences.

4. Pay Importance to Quality

One of the things you should prioritize when choosing an engagement ring is quality. To ensure the quality of the engagement ring, be very particular with the jeweler you're getting the ring from. Make sure the jewelery only uses top quality materials so you can be guaranteed that the ring would last long. Investing in a quality ring doesn't just show you care about durability but also how much you value the relationship you have with your partner.

How about this Pink Tourmaline ring made with quality 14K gold?

5. Set the Right Budget

It can be tempting to splurge on the best jewelry you can find for your partner, but don't forget that it is still best to set a budget that justifies the purchase. Make sure the price matches the materials used like metals, gemstones and intricacy of the design accordingly. Remember that it is the thoughtfulness and the emotions you invest in preparing the ring that are more important than the price tag.

6. Find Inspiration

It is very helpful when choosing an engagement ring if you look at inspirations from jewelry magazines, online blogs, or even social media. By doing so, you get to have an idea of how you want the engagement ring to look like. It conditions your mind to what a nice ring is and sets your standard so that when you conceptualize the engagement ring for your partner, you already have design inspirations in mind.

The Elegance of this Chong Dome Ring makes a perfect engagement ring inspiration 

7. Follow Your Instincts

In the end, the process of choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner is a very personal decision. So just trust your instincts and follow your heart. It will surely lead you to making the right decision as long as you put your heart and mind into the selection process. And that is what makes the ring truly special

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- Leah Jean

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