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Fall 2016 Jewelry Trends

Fall 2016 Jewelry Trends

Seasons change and so do trends. With the help of the runway, fashion on the street and current college students, we came up with some jewelry trends to keep an eye out for.

Spanning from unconventional, minimalistic to overly ornate, jewelry trends are making a statement all on their own in the fashion world. We’ve been keeping track and have asked a handful of individuals what they have been noticing.

This fall, a surprising new trend has taken the stage; unconventional layering. I see this as a new spin on the minimalism craze. Two pieces that wouldn’t conventionally be worn together create a satisfying juxtaposition of casual elegance. This allows for more room to experiment with your favorite pieces and calls for creative accessory combinations.

"The days of strictly wearing only one piece of each kind at a time are behind us. I love the effortless look that comes along with a handful of rings. The mixing of metals and styles is much more common, and in a way encouraged".  Valerie Cammack, Kent State University student and Social Media Intern for

layer ring, mix ring

Brand Source: PureWow

Layer ring, mix ring

Brand: May Society

mix ring, layer ring

Brand: Little Sky Stone

"Pieces that are crafted to be very minimalistic, yet make a statement on their own is a trend that is on the seasonal radar, especially in silver and gold. Lending a hint of edge and tying an outfit together, such as simple necklaces that are sometimes adorned with a pendant is what is catching my eye".– Iza Zitney, Brand Manager for Moncler in NYC.

pendant, necklace

Picture Source:

pendant, necklace

Picture Source: Zulily

"Long statement earrings are making a splash this season, taking the idea of statement earrings to a whole new level. Spotted on the runways of Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Gucci, and Salvatore Ferragamo to name a few. This bold jewelry trend can stand on its own, with little other jewelry necessary. But this trend can also go along with maximalism, as done with Lanvin. From thin looping gold strands or bold structured hanging shapes, anything is fair game as long as the earrings are long and they reach down to the neck. Regardless if you are more on the minimalism side, or “more is more” is your motto, there is a duster earring set out there for you!"  – Tracie Pfrogner, Kent State University student and Blogger at Tracie Marie Please

duster earring, earring

Picture Source: Classy Girls Wear Pearls – Sarah Vickers

duster earring, earring

Picture Source: The Fancy Pants Report – Kate Ogata

While some think this is the heightened trend of the season, others are drawn to timeless pieces that lend a hint of elegance to any look it is worn with.

"Art-Deco inspired jewelry seems to be packing a punch in this season again, with elegant silvers in ornate patterns that make a statement, but are often dainty. With a blend  of femininity and structure, this trend will be the center of attention". – Dana Rausch, Kent State Student, Vice President of Kent State University’s Fashion Student Organization

handmade silver ring, ornate pattern

Brand: Little Sky Stone

handmade silver ring, ornate pattern

Source Picture: Unsplash

Most trends so far emphasize on crafted silver and gold, but one trend that will always seem to stay on top is the combination of natural stones and glistening pearls.

"Jewelry pieces crafted from these materials lend an organic flair and can make any outfit pop. Stones like opals and turquoise give a nature-inspired finish to a look, while pearls lend a hint of elegance. Worn with chunky statement necklaces, or lightweight rings, these pieces are the center of attention to the season." – Kathryn Reaven, Production Copywriter for zulily

turquoise ring, handmade, gemstone

Brand: Little Sky Stone. Picture: UA Creative

Pearl jewelry, gem

Picture Source: Modage

Pearl Jewelry

Picture Source: Shall We Sasa

It’s clear as day that there are trends for the devout minimalists and maximists among us. Whether you choose the daintier route or pursue a bold accessory to your ensemble, one of these trends is set out just for you. Get trendy and start accessorizing!

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By Kathryn Reaven

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