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March Birthstone Jewelry Earrings

Our March Birthstone Aquamarine Earrings collection offers stunning pieces that capture the essence of March. Adorned with exquisite aquamarine stones, these earrings are a perfect birthday treat.

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Frequently Asked Questions - March Birthstone Earrings

What are March birthstone earrings?

A March birthstone earring is an earring that has aquamarine which the birthstone associated with March. These earrings are made attractive because of the blue to blue-green color of aquamarine, which is associated with tranquility and clarity.

What is the significance of March birthstone earrings?

The aquamarine birthstone symbolizes calmness, clarity and courage. So an earring with this birthstone is said to help its wearer find solace and tranquility in life and also help to improve communication and bonding in a relationship, making it a meaningful piece of jewelry

Are the aquamarines in your March birthstone earrings natural or lab-grown?

Our March birthstone earrings are consist of aquamarines that are lab-grown. Lab-grown aquamarines are ethically sourced, more sustainable and affordable and yet have the same characteristics as natural aquamarines.

Are March birthstone earrings a good gift?

Yes, it is great to give March birthstone earrings as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries and other special life occasions. Aquamarine is associated with peace, clarity and courage which makes this piece of jewelry given as a gift to be quite meaningful.

How should I care for my March birthstone earrings?

To maintain the beauty of your March birthstone earring, it is important to wash it gently with a soft cloth and mild soap solution. Do not expose them near chemicals or hot surfaces and store them separately from other jewelry pieces so that they will not scratch one another.